Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


Terms and Conditions


By signing up to our site and using or services you do agree to abide to our terms of use and conditions of all our services and products provided by Pafekto.com and all its websites. These terms and conditions as well as our privacy policy may and will be updated from time to time. Therefore, it is your responsibility to make sure that you are well updated to the current Terms and Conditions.



Terms Explained


Service provider – any user who registers as an individual or company to sell their services.

Job Provider or customer  – any user or  a company that provides the projects or jobs.

Project – Any job prvided by the customer or job provider.


Your Information


Once you register with us, we collect your information such as your names, contact information, payment info, for identification and marketing purposes. Thus, by providing this information you grant us the permission to write to you and sent you our marketing emails or newsletters and updates concerning your account and ads. But you have the right to unsubscribe to certain emails such as marketing emails and periodic newsletters.

We do not sell or reveal your personal information to others. However our site uses cookies to track the activity of use so that we can serve you better and provide better services.


Terms of Use


All users in Pafekto are required to read and accept all the terms and conditions set in Pafekto.com and in all its related websites collectively Pafekto.com. Any user who disagrees with these terms and conditions must discontinue the use of our services and deactivate or delete his account.

By posting anything to Pafekto you do agree that you are entirely responsible for the information you provide and ramifications might result. We will not tolerate any information that infringes our terms and condition and our privacy policy. All rights are reserved by Pafekto to any content that is termed and viewed as inappropriate by Pafekto.com. We may suspend or terminate your account if you fail to abide to these terms and conditions.

By signing up you agree to adhere strictly to our terms of use and agree not to


Note that Pafekto.com and all its websites is not liable to any consequences resulting from your behavior and usage of our services. Therefore, we encourage all users to use caution when communicating with other users for any sort of transaction or deal.




We provide all services for free of charge, unless you would like to have a special visibility feature such us:

Generally, our services will be free and continue to be free, and whenever there is any paid services, we have clearly stated it and you get the chance to review and approve the payment and its terms.


Disclaimer and liability


The Pafekto Group Ltd, continually makes every effort to keep its website safe and free from malicious activities, but we do not guarantee 100% safety from the hackers and intruders or any activity that may result to fraudulent or injury of any sort.  We do not check and review every content posted on Pafekto, therefore, we can not be held responsible for the any harm caused to behavior and violations of the terms and conditions set on the site.

We will never support the misuse of these terms and conditions and we will cooperate with the authorities should anyone misuse these terms and conditions. In this case we can reveal your personal information and contacts to the authorities should there be any reason for the investigation.

 Feedback and Reviews

You must respect others and there is no way you are allowed to use a speech that shows incitement, arrogancy or even hate speach. profane and derogatory words must stay clear of Pafekto.com and all its related websites. 

You must not use automated means to generate reviews or feedbacks.


You can not conduct illegal advertising in our site, you must clearly follow all the instructions provided while creating services, and portforlios. You must not place your website links contacts in places where is not allowed. there are respective places for this use and you must strictly adhere to the terms of use of our services.


All communication with other users on the Website must be conducted through any or all forms of communication provided by Pafekto.com. If you do not agree to these terms you are free to discontinue all the services provided by Pafekto.com or terminate your account, if not Pafekto reserves the rights to suspend, terminate and/or permanently delete your account.